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"And what’s bizarre is I’m always going to be a cutter. Even if I don’t do it for years, it’s still me."

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robinsassistant said: I see it now! Clare is "Manny" and Drew is "Craig" hahah I wouldn't mind

Yeah, I sort of thought about that a little too. I guess we don’t know for certain (or, at least, I haven’t heard any confirmation one way or the other!) if Drew is the dad, but I feel like he probably has to be. I wonder if Drew would react like Craig…maybe, maybe not. Drew doesn’t really have the same family background as Craig did so Drew’s probably not quite so desperate for a family of his own, but then again, he did just lose his beloved brother, so perhaps that would affect his feelings. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

robinsassistant said: Am I the only one all for a Darcy cameo at Clare’s graduation?????

You’re probably not! People have been hoping for a little Darcy appearance for ages now. I remember it being a big deal back when Clare’s parents got divorced and when Clare was diagnosed with cancer. People were really hoping that Darcy would resurface again. I’d love it, personally, but I’m not so sure it’ll ever happen… :/

robinsassistant said: So what’s your beef with season 7 huh, HUH!!

I admittedly haven’t seen any of season 7 in quite a long time. There aren’t too many episodes from it that stick out in my mind, so I haven’t revisited it in a long time… There are some season 7 episodes that I likely haven’t seen since they originally aired! I was sort of falling out of love with the show at that point, I think. It wasn’t quite the same and it didn’t appeal to me as much. I wasn’t hugely into seasons 8 or 9 either. I guess in my head I just look back on those three seasons as this sort of awkward transitional phase in the show. There were quite a lot of changes during that point and it felt sort of “between” generations to me. I don’t know if others can relate to that or not. It stopped bothering me once season 10 came around and felt so fresh and new!

I couldn’t think of any specifics about season 7 off the top of my head just now, so I looked at a list of the episodes. I guess I just wasn’t happy about the show changing (even though it was inevitable) and I wasn’t yet into the new characters. Later I’d come to really love characters like Holly J, but back then I just didn’t care. I was still attached to the old characters and they were starting to fade away at that point. There were some memorable and important plots in that season (Darcy’s rape, Spinner’s cancer, Paige’s unresolved HIV scare, etc.), but I guess I just felt like there was a bit of a shift in the show by then. I’m not sure how to explain it, really. 

Honestly, I should go back and revisit that whole era of Degrassi. Seasons 6-9 are spotty in my memory - it’s been a while since I’ve seen most of those episodes. For as long as I’ve had this blog, I’ve talked about how I should do a complete Degrassi rewatch… I should really get around to doing that soon!


zoemundtroublemaker said: Forgive me for this, but I just remembered that KC wanted Jenna to abort the baby (even after she was so many weeks pregnant/by that point, it'd be butchering). I can't remember if she said it was too far along to do so or if the doctor told her as such. It was in Season 10. He got so pissed when she wouldn't (I think that was what caused their break-up in Season 10). Wow..I just caught my typo. I had put JT instead of KC.

No problem - thanks for bringing it up! I definitely wouldn’t have remembered that, but I kind of vaguely remember it. I understood KC’s feelings and fears about becoming a parent, but I felt really sorry for Jenna throughout that whole ordeal!


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"I’m so sorry, I sensed a moment"
“Don’t worry about it, it’s fine, alright it’s cool”

"Come any closer, and i’ll kiss you"
“Go ahead”

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lucid-bones said: I really do believe that it’d be very interesting for her to have a miscarriage. Degrassi hasn’t tackled that before. I also mentioned you in a post since someone agreed with an earlier post I had about thinking Clare “should” have a miscarriage.

Oh thanks for mentioning that! I just checked your post out and I totally agree. :) Both abortion and miscarriage are super important topics, and while I personally would be fine with seeing another abortion episode (provided that it was written well), I’m not so sure it’s something they’re interested in doing again…and in any case, I think it’d be important to depict a miscarriage. If I start rambling I’ll probably just keep repeating myself, haha, so I’ll just say that I agree and think that it’s a sensitive topic worth portraying! And again, just so no one gets the wrong idea…I’m definitely not wishing this on Clare (or anyone, for that matter) since it’s a difficult thing to go through - I just think that in the context of this TV show, it’d be an important issue to portray!


wandering-free3 said: I m thinking Clare may think about abortion but in the end she miscarries this way they aren't saying it's right or wrong but that it is an option that some consider?? Idk what do you think?

Yeah, I could actually see this happening. I’m not sure if they’d want to do another abortion episode or not…I mean, it’s been ten years, so they certainly could do it again, but since it was so controversial in the past, I’m not sure if they’re interested in having to tackle all of that again, so I could see them taking a sort of passive stance on it like you’ve described. I’m obviously just speculating, though, and have no actual knowledge of what they’re thinking! 

If they don’t want to actually depict Clare going through everything with pregnancy, birth, etc., I could see them doing what you’ve suggested. I certainly don’t wish a miscarriage on Clare (obviously she’s fictional, but you know what I mean!), but I wouldn’t at all mind if the show decided to do a miscarriage storyline. I talked about it a bit in my review of the finale, so I won’t repeat myself too much and ramble on forever, but I think that it’s a super important issue to portray. Miscarriages are so much more common than people think, but it’s all very hush-hush and unfairly stigmatized. People who’ve had miscarriages can feel super isolated and even guilty, which is really sad, so I guess this is another case where I get excited about media representation and think that it’d be helpful and informative to have a storyline like this! 

In the end, I obviously have no idea what they’ll actually end up doing with Clare and this pregnancy. I’m not sure if they want to bother with a long-term storyline or if they just wanted a cliffhanger for everyone to gasp at this summer. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!


Anonymous said: Id personally would like to see someone get pregnant and keep their baby for good (not just for a while like Jenna did) it would be interesting and different what are your thoughts

While I really don’t want this to happen to Clare, I also really do agree with you. I don’t judge any of these characters (or real-life people) for the choices they’ve made (whether that’s having an abortion, giving a baby up for adoption, etc.), but on the other hand, there are a lot of young teens who do end up keeping their babies. I know we saw Mia as a young mom with her child, but we only started following Mia after all of that. I know that Dallas has a child, but when was the last time we saw his kid? It’s just one of those plot points that is brought up when it’s convenient.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a more realistic depiction of a young teen parent going through both the struggles and the good times of raising their child. I mean, the stuff with Mia got a little too fantastical once she started becoming a model, and that was a lot less relatable for most people who were sitting at home and watching. That whole modeling storyline had definitely veered off into escapism, which is fine, I guess, but that’s not what Degrassi has typically been about, so it was a little jarring. If they had a new storyline that was actually committed to depicting everything that goes along with raising a child as a teen, then I’d be cool with that. 

I mean, I get that once you stick a character with a baby (especially as a teen character), it kind of completely alters the character and what they’re able to do, so I understand that it’s a difficult and maybe even unappealing writing choice, so I get not wanting to commit to it forever…but it’s also kind of lazy not to, especially if they’re going to keep making characters get pregnant and/or have pregnancy scares. While I don’t at all fault Jenna for making the difficult decision to give her baby up for adoption (seriously, she was really struggling and received barely any help from KC - I don’t blame her for being overwhelmed!), I also wouldn’t mind seeing a more long-term depiction….buuuuut I really don’t want to see that with Clare. 

Still…as I said in my review, I’m pretty much over pregnancy and teen parent storylines. There have been a million of them, both on and off Degrassi, and I’m just really bored with it all. I guess I’m probably biased since I really don’t care much about pregnancy, raising kids, etc. in general, so I’m just admittedly pretty sick of these storylines. However, I wouldn’t mind too much to see them try something new with one. I’m just fickle, though, and I don’t want them to stick Clare with it, haha!


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Anonymous said: I saw one of your last posts... I was just wondering, how did you come out? I'm queer too and I just don't really know how to do it :/

Hi! :)

I have to admit that I’m really not out, tbh… Like, I’ve only ever mentioned it on the internet but only where I’m pretty much anonymous. I’m not out on Facebook or anything like that. No one in my family knows, none of my friends off the internet know, etc. I’m definitely not someone who’s really worthy of giving out too much advice, but I’ll try my best!

I think the main things I want to say are that everyone does it differently and that you should do it however you feel most comfortable. I don’t think that there’s a “one size fits all” answer to this question. Everyone’s situations are different. Some people have super accepting friends and family, whereas some people have the opposite…and even regardless of how open and supportive your friends/family may be, it can still be really hard, you know? Try not to feel pressured to come out if you don’t want to or aren’t ready. I know that there is kind of a big emphasis on coming out, but honestly, it’s not easy for a lot of people for a variety of reasons. For some people, it is literally not safe to come out, so pressuring people to come out is pretty insensitive. Different people have different preferences…some want to come out publicly and make sort of an announcement, whereas others might want to come out privately to the people of their choosing. I don’t think that there is any one way that is “better” than the others. The “best” way to do it is when you want to, when you feel most comfortable doing it, and to the people you actually want to tell.

I know that everything I said was kind of vague and probably not that helpful, but I guess I just don’t feel right really telling someone what to do. It’s a super personal decision and I think that it’s up to you, as hard or confusing as it may or may not be. I wish you luck and hope that it’ll go smoothly and safely for you!


zoemundtroublemaker said: I was kind of shocked at some responses - about Winston to Miles when he caught Triles kissing - on Tumblr. The responses were upset that Winston was insulting Miles, but it didn't feel insulting. It is more like he didn't imagine Miles being anything other than straight (like some of the fandom keeps telling themselves). The reason I didn't suspect malice with Winston is because he warned Miles about hurting another person (Tristan).

Yeah, I agree with you - I didn’t find Winston to be insulting! I have to admit that when Winston first walked in on them, I was a little apprehensive, I guess, since I’m not a huge Winston fan, but I actually thought that the scene was totally fine. I think that Winston was just surprised by what he was seeing, and I don’t think that surprise is necessarily an inherently negative emotion. I agree that his concern for Tristan showed that he wasn’t being malicious.

I honestly liked Winston’s reaction. I don’t think that he showed any disdain or negativity, really. I think that he was just surprised and a little worried about Miles maybe toying with another person. I mean, Winston and Miles are best friends and all and they certainly care about each other, but I think that Winston can see that Miles has had a tendency to kind of mess with people, so I took that as Winston not wanting to see Miles messing with another person. 

I’m certainly open to hearing other interpretations, but I guess I personally just didn’t read Winston as insulting or negative in that scene. I don’t have a problem with him being surprised (since straightness is considered the default and we can maybe assume that Miles and Winston had never discussed this before), and I felt like his only real concern was that he was hoping that Miles wasn’t going to hurt Tristan…which frankly isn’t too out there considering the up-and-down, on-off relationship Miles had with Maya + the way he behaved recently re: Zoe and wanting to lie at her trial. 


Anonymous said: Who do you ship on degrassi that are currently on the show?

Right now my two favorites are Imogen/Jack and Tristan/Miles! I also like Alli/Dallas and Jenna/Connor, but we rarely get to see those two couples (I guess they’re not ‘dramatic’ enough?) so it’s hard for me to feel as passionately about them. I wish we got to see them more!

Then there are the various non-canon pairings… I like the idea of Zoe/Maya! I guess I haven’t thought about it much lately, but I also liked Drew/Dallas. I feel kind of mixed about the main Zig ships (with Maya and Zoe) - I like some aspects of these ships, but I also dislike some aspects. That’s about all I can think of right now!

I’m not a huge shipper on Degrassi anymore for some reason, but there are a few that I find exciting or interesting to watch. :)


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slutsforhotdogs said: 1. Who is the baby daddy tho? and 2. Wouldn't Clare get an abortion? Remember when Alli wanted to go to MIT but she got pregnant and Clare kept reminding her that she had "options" if she wished to pursue her academic career instead of becoming a mother?

I honestly think that it probably has to be Drew… I mean, I’m not an Eclare expert or anything so I can’t really comment on their last time together, but I just feel like it’s probably Drew’s. I could be wrong, though, of course!

Yeah, I remember Clare in those scenes with Alli, and I’ve seen a few other people bring that up when discussing this…and I suppose I could see that happening! It’s been quite a long time since the last abortion episode on Degrassi, and it’s still as relevant of a topic as ever. I’m not sure, though. They had such a hard time getting to air that episode in the U.S. back in the day, so I’m not sure they’d risk that again. I guess it’s been ten years, though, and a lot can change in ten years…but I’m not sure. I’m not sure how accepting the climate of TeenNick is these days. I don’t watch it anymore, so I don’t feel like I can really say whether or not TeenNick would have a problem with airing it!

I think I’d be fine with another abortion episode (as long as it was done well, that is). I’m not sure it would be as nuanced as the last one was, though, since this pregnancy really just feels like a cheap and unnecessary shock factor twist. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! I just reaaaaaaaally don’t want to have to see Clare having to set aside all of her hopes and dreams for this. :/


Anonymous said: are you bi or pan? i'm so excited about triles haha. i don't often see many bi/pan/whatever characters and i agree with you that clear representation is important. like there are so many kids and people sitting at home who are confused and who don't have many examples in the media to help them so i think this is important. i'm glad you talked about that! i am excited about triles too and i hope the show will do a good job with them

I am! I feel like bisexual, pansexual, and queer could all describe me. I guess I usually say bisexual since that was the first label I really knew about, but really, I’m comfortable with all three. :)

And thank you! I’m glad to hear that you agree. Obviously media representation is only one small issue, but I do think that it’s important. LGBTQ+ representation in the media is (and has been) pretty lacking, and while I am not at all interested in turning it into some competition, I do still have to say that I just don’t see very many bi-/pan-/polysexual characters out there…and the number of said characters who explicitly identify as such is even smaller. As I said in my review, I think that characters in media vs. real-life people are a bit different…as in, I would never criticize real people for not taking on a label because that is a very personal choice, but I think that it’s a bit detrimental in media to have soooo many of these characters skirt the topic, avoid a label, and just keep saying the same old vague things. It’s hard for real people at home to feel represented and to feel like there’s someone on the screen who’s similar to them. It can be feel pretty invalidating at times and can make you question yourself if you rarely see examples like yourself out there. Again, media is only one small piece of the puzzle, but for so many of us, it’s pretty prominent in our lives (I mean, all I do is watch TV and read books!). Many of us take some cues from media, whether consciously or subconsciously, and it’s important to have diversity in what we consume. 

Anyway, I’m excited about Triles too! I’m glad to see some Triles fans on here. It’s pretty neat! I really hope that the show won’t drop the ball on this and I really hope that it won’t be short-lived. I’m trying to manage my expectations, though…but I hope that we’ll see a lot more of them in season 14! :)