"Sparks Will Fly" - part 1

-All of this Miles/Maya/Zig stuff is just annoying. I wanted to be done with it already, but I guess it’s not over. It’s never over!

-Is Maya being honest when she says that she only likes Zig as a friend, or was she just trying to spare Miles’ feelings…or does she just not yet realize that she still has feelings for Zig? I guess that’s the question. Hopefully we’ll get an answer soon so this storyline can move on already. 

-Really, I’m just hoping that it will conclude in part two. I don’t even really care what the conclusion is as long as it’s a damn conclusion. Jeez, I don’t mean to sound so bitter today - I’m actually in a decent mood. I am just so exhausted from the five million boring love triangles this show has done! 

-Maya’s actions are just kind of the classic “I don’t want to hurt anyone so I’m just going to be vague and stuff but this actually will end up hurting basically everyone” thing. Obviously she doesn’t mean any harm, but prolonging the inevitable (whatever that may be), not being totally honest and upfront, etc. will only make things worse in the long run.

-Zoe’s storyline was alright. I was glad to see them make a connection back to her assault. I’m glad that wasn’t forgotten. Even though Zoe has some supportive friends and is getting some distance from it all and even though she might be trying to bury it at times, it’s still having some lingering effects (and understandably so). Hopefully this new role will be cathartic for her…and hopefully simply having the success and sense of accomplishment of working on a project again will make her feel better.

-But I don’t know, I thought that the quiz team thing would’ve been a positive source of empowerment and success for her too. Surely she’ll be very busy trying to juggle this new role and her school duties, but it would’ve been nice if she hadn’t ditched the team. 

-Tristan just seemed kind of weird in this episode somehow. I’m not sure how exactly. Maybe that’s just me though!

-Alright…I know that a lot of people are probably upset about Clare’s decision in this episode and I can understand that, but at the same time, my main feeling is just that I’m glad that she took an action. Maybe you disagree with it, maybe you agree with it. Maybe you don’t like the specific method she chose, maybe you don’t care. Ultimately, though, something probably did need to happen. She was feeling miserable and their relationship had been stagnant for a while. Clare did what she felt was right and what she thought was for the best, so even if you don’t agree with it, maybe you can still support it or understand it? I’m not one to take part in ~ship wars~ so I have no big allegiance to any one “team,” so I’m just approaching this from pretty neutral territory. I can get the polarizing reactions, but I personally was just glad to see her make a decision and take an action, especially one that she thought was for the best.

-Now is this paving the way for Clew, or is there more exciting relationship drama to come? Stay tuned, I guess.

-Overall it was an alright episode even if I wasn’t super invested in most of the things going on. 


I guess you just need to get your frustration out.

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thatiswhatiloveaboutyou asked: Hey, do you know if tonight's episode is an hour long?

I actually have no idea! If anyone knows, please feel free to comment directly on this post so thatiswhatiloveaboutyou can see it. Thanks! :)


degrassi meme: six characters [2/6]

"I’m Paige, the Bermuda Triangle of love."

"Everything is Everything"

-I already feel fatigued by this Tristan plot. I don’t know why Degrassi has had so many dysfunctional, messy storylines surrounding teacher-student relationships over the years. Admittedly, I don’t fully know where this is going with Tristan and Mr. “Dead Poets Society wannabe” Yates, but we can see where it might be going. 

-Maybe I’d be less irritated with this dysfunctional teacher-student storyline if we had more good, functional, healthy teacher-student connections and plots. The show used to give us quite a few of those, but lately the teachers have felt pretty peripheral. We haven’t really seen a good Sean/Mr. Simpson connection in a while. Every once in a while Coach Armstrong and Mr. Perino will pop up…but rarely in meaningful scenes. It’s funny how I didn’t care about this stuff so much when I was watching Degrassi as a preteen/young teen but now I am actively yearning for better depictions of the adults. Does this mean that I’m officially old now? :’)

-On another note, I was like damn when the teacher shut Tristan down during their little writers’ meeting. Tristan really only got like one sentence out before getting ripped to shreds!

-The Drew/Clare stuff was alright. On the one hand it feels like this has been going on forever and not much has happened, but as soon as I felt myself thinking that, I had to stop and remind myself that all I do is complain about Degrassi being too fast and loose with basically everything ever, so now I’m stepping back and appreciating the slow build-up (to whatever — I have no idea how this storyline will end). 

-As much as I have always liked Clare, it does seem like she has this tendency to get a bit judgmental toward people — but particularly girls in this instance — whom she perceives as being less intelligent or sophisticated than herself. She seemed so shocked that the Eden girl knew about Game of Thrones!

-But in the end, I just don’t have it in me to get passionate about most of the shipping on the show, so I am not too invested in whatever ends up happening with this storyline. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Clare being single for a while because she really hardly ever has been when you think about it! 

-I liked the Dallas storyline in this episode overall. I really liked his scene with Mr. Bhandari. It was really nicely done, I thought. I was glad that Mr. Bhandari validated Dallas’ feelings…because Dallas does have every right to be angry. Mr. Bhandari did make a good point re: figuring out how to go about dealing with these kinds of unfair issues and injustices in life. Overall it was just a really great moment. Season 13 has largely been pretty bad, but every once in a while they sprinkle in a really good, poignant, important moment like this. 

-It’s nice to see Alli and Dallas together, I guess. I think he’s a better fit for her than the other guys she’s been with…but on the other hand, I had previously expressed my desire for Alli to learn how to be alone and be happy/confident with being alone. I kind of wanted to see her graduate as a single girl and just have a blast with her best friends at the end of her senior year. But I was also realistic and figured that they’d pair Alli and Dallas up. I think it’s a decent pairing and all…I just kind of wish that at least a couple characters could stay single on the show for a little longer. 

-It was a decent episode overall. While some of it didn’t exactly thrill me, I still did have good things to say about some of the scenes. 


Anonymous asked: All this talk of JT's death has reminded me of the video of Ryan Cooley's last day of set. You've probably seen it but it's always worth a share. If you think you cried when he died, try holding back during this! (Turns out I can't link it but it's on YouTube)

I know exactly which video you’re talking about! I remember it so vividly. They showed it a lot on TV around the time of when “Rock This Town” aired. It always made me super emotional!

Here’s the video for those who haven’t seen it or just want to see it again. I’m watching it right now and it’s bringing back so many memories! :’)


make me choose: anon asked Paige Michalchuk or Ellie Nash

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mydaleylife asked: Just saw your Cam's suicide post. You touched slightly on my issue with it. I don't think Cam needs to be mentioned every episode. But Cam was Maya's first boyfriend. I feel her character has been handled poorly, as she's already in love with another boy. And other plot points, as in, Maya telling Miles "I love you" on the same couch she and Cam talked on, the night before he died. Things like that. For me, it's mainly how Maya has been written since his death.

Hey! Sorry it’s taken me a couple days to get back to you. I’ve just had a super busy start to the week with having to write multiple papers for school. Anyway…!

I agree with you and can see where you’re coming from. I certainly don’t think that Cam still needs to be mentioned in every episode, but the way the storyline fizzled out just wasn’t very satisfying. You’re right - Cam was Maya’s first boyfriend…and his death totally blindsided Maya. She had no real reason to suspect that he was dealing with so much since they seemed to mostly have good times together. They also had a very happy night together right before he died, so the news of his death absolutely shocked her. She had a lot of confused, conflicted, and negative (angry, etc.) emotions after learning the news, and it would have to take her a while to work those out. Not every storyline of Maya’s needs to be dedicated to grieving Cam, of course, but I just feel like they should’ve done just a little bit more with Maya dealing with Cam’s death, coming to terms with it, accepting it, going through the different stages of grief, etc. 

I also think that I would be less annoyed if they hadn’t also butchered Adam’s death and that whole storyline…but with the way that was so poorly handled coming right after the way Cam’s was handled in a not totally satisfying way (IMO) sort of left a sour taste in my mouth, I guess. Degrassi was never the type of show to just kill characters off all the time, so it was just a bit jarring…and I felt like they should’ve tried a little harder with those storylines. Both of those characters were well-liked. They weren’t just random extras in the background. They’d found their place on the show and in the cast and had connections to other characters, and I just feel like the show sort of dropped the ball on on all of this (but especially with Adam’s death and Becky’s grieving).

Anyway, I can see where you’re coming from re: the way Maya has been written since then. I haven’t totally liked the writing for her either, and I can see what you mean about it maybe rubbing you the wrong way that Maya told Miles she loved him on the same couch where she’d not that long ago spent an important night with Cam. Maybe being in this relationship with Miles and maybe saying that to him there has had some sort of meaning for her or has served as a way to help herself move on or something, but it’s hard to totally infer that from the show when the show hasn’t really gone out of its way to explicitly deal with Maya’s grief in any real capacity for the last while.

I don’t want to sound so negative because I do think that there were some things that were well done with Cam’s death and the immediate episodes following it… I just also can understand why lots of people have been disappointed, and I personally feel like maybe my own personal disappointment has been amplified by the way they killed Adam off and dealt with that super poorly not long after the Cam storyline. It just felt like a weird time on the show!


Degrassi Couples, That Could’ve Happened:

Imogen Moreno and Bianca DeSousa


Degrassi Couples, That Could’ve Happened:

Imogen Moreno and Bianca DeSousa


Anonymous asked: Why are people upset that they dropped Cam's suicide plot? I mean I think they tied everything up in Zombie.

I don’t think that the show necessarily had to keep talking about Cam in every single episode or anything, but I did feel like their portrayal of the aftermath of Cam’s death left a little bit to be desired. I thought that part two of “Bittersweet Symphony” was good as it showed a wide range of reactions and grieving, and I thought that some of what we saw with Maya was good…but I guess I just felt like it wasn’t quite enough?

I also have just found it so odd that none of the characters on the show have really acknowledged that two students died in a very short period of time…and some characters, like Dallas, even knew both students pretty well. It felt so strange to me that Dallas’ plot when he was drinking and fooling around with girls wasn’t explicitly linked to Cam…rather, it was linked to hockey. I mean, we the viewers can infer that his grief for the losses of both friends was certainly a part of his behavior, but it was strange that the show didn’t acknowledge it.

Another thing that rubbed me the wrong way is something I’ve ranted about before (here and here) is that I didn’t like the language most of the characters used to describe Cam’s suicide. There was so much talk about “blame” and it just didn’t sit well with me.

Anyway, I can’t speak for everyone, but I think that there are a few reasons why people weren’t satisfied. I do think that there are some people who simply were big fans of Cam and don’t want to let go. I think that there are some people who were irritated that Eli got so much focus after Cam died (and some people wanted a different character to discover Cam’s body). I think that there are some people who wanted more explicit conversations about Cam’s death rather than situations where we just conclude that characters are still being affected because all we can do is make our own conclusions because the show wasn’t really acknowledging it directly. 

In the end, I don’t think that the show needs to still be talking about Cam at this point. I just wish they’d done a better job of the coverage of the aftermath, and I wish they’d acknowledged in-show the fact that two students died in a short period of time. Degrassi was never a show that killed characters off at random all the time like some other shows do, so it was jarring to see two big deaths in a short period of time. I respect your opinion, but I guess I just wanted a little more.


Anonymous asked: How did you feel about Drew calling Bianca a slut?

I couldn’t really remember that, so I had to look it up to refresh my memory, so forgive me if I get any details wrong! Basically, I didn’t like that. I guess I felt like Drew called her that out of anger because of what was happening in his relationship with Alli. Perhaps he felt guilty about straying from Alli and it felt more convenient for him to blame Bianca rather than himself. He probably felt like it was easier to blame Bianca as some “slutty” temptress rather than owning up to the fact that he willingly strayed from Alli. Still, despite seeing why Drew probably did that, I didn’t like it at all…and I feel like it’s a common theme in media and society to put so much blame on the “other woman.” It gets old!


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Anonymous asked: I really miss Bianca! what do you think about her character as a whole? do you remember your first impression of her? :)

I miss Bianca too! I was rather disappointed that they hardly gave her anything to do in her last chunk of time on the show. The only times we saw her were in relation to Drew, and even then I just felt like we didn’t see her enough. It was disappointing because I’d loved seeing the growth with Bianca…how she’d started to buckle down and get serious about school and her life and was really trying to turn over a new leaf. Ultimately, she was pretty successful, and I found that inspiring and would’ve loved to have seen a little more.

I can’t really remember my first impression of her… I think I might’ve been a little wary since Degrassi typically doesn’t handle the kids from the “wrong side of the tracks” very well, but after a while I felt like Bianca was handled a little better than usual. 

I do remember feeling a bit bitter that they hardly even scraped the surface of what happened to her with all that stuff with that Vince character. We saw so much of everything from Drew’s point of view. It’s like they hardly even acknowledged the terrible things Bianca had to go through. It’s been a while since I last saw those episodes so I can’t remember tons of specifics, but I guess it just bugged me that we saw so little of it from her perspective when she was living through a lot of that stuff on a daily basis.

I also remember feeling disappointed that we didn’t see more of Bianca and Imogen together. Their friendship seemed like it would’ve been fun.

Overall I really liked Bianca. Sure, she wasn’t perfect, and sometimes it’s easy to forget how she initially treated Adam, for example, but I think she’s a character who showed some growth. The show didn’t always give her enough screentime, though, so that made me bitter since I thought she was very interesting and deserved a few more plots of her own!