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juniperlaurel said: This is a tumblr hug:) pass it on to at least 10 of your favorite followers and remember don't break the chain!

Aww thank you!! :) I appreciate it!


Tori Santamaria appreciation post.

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1975patrick replied to your post: “This week hasn’t been very good! I’ve used almost all of my free time…”:

Good luck on your exams and try not to stress too much! Remember to take small breaks in between studying :)

Thank you!! I appreciate it. :) I think that the two I had today went pretty well, thankfully!

And yes, little study breaks are vital!


This week hasn’t been very good! I’ve used almost all of my free time for studying. I’ve been at the library every night since Sunday night. I’m still not sure that I’ll do well on this exam tomorrow, but I really just can’t wait for it to be over. I have two tests tomorrow, one next week, and a paper due next week. After that I can finally relax for a bit!

I apologize for not making very many interesting posts lately! I’ve just been really busy and haven’t had much inspiration during this hiatus! I am looking forward to the new season starting soon. :)

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emma nelson meme: [3/4] friendships: emma+liberty

"I am not ready to throw away six years of our friendship."


October is going by so quickly already! I need to do more Halloween types of things before it’s too late. I need a horror movie marathon! I need to carve pumpkins! I need to decorate the house! I need to stuff myself with mini candy bars!!!

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 “You're a wanted man, Peter Parker.”

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Anonymous said: Degrassi has taught me that I need to be in a relationship even if the relationship is healthy or unhealthy!!!!

Yeah, I have to say…that has kind of been their message (whether they’ve intended to send it or not) for a long time, even before the newer casts took over! I think it’s kind of a common problem on a lot of teen shows (or shows dealing with relationships in general). There’s this idea that relationship drama = interesting characters and interesting storylines, and they sort of send this message sometimes that characters not in relationships are boring and deserve less screentime (think of a character like Toby). 

I mean, I get that TV is obviously very different from real life and they need to keep ratings up and all of that since it is ultimately a business, but sometimes it feels like there’s almost a lack of creativity out there… Like, if the only dramatic or interesting storylines you can come up with are all centered around romantic relationships, then maybe that’s speaking to a lack of creativity! 

I don’t mean to come down hard on relationships or anything. They’re obviously a huge part of life for so many people, and as for teen shows, a lot of teens do date in junior high and high school. I dated a little too, though admittedly not very much. I just am critical of certain messages that shows like Degrassi end up sending. When their characters aren’t single for longer than a few episodes, then it makes it seem like everyone must always be in relationships…which isn’t true. Not everyone wants to date, not everyone prioritizes dating very highly, not everyone wants to date all the time, not everyone finds it easy to date, etc. All of that is perfectly okay too!

Another thing I just thought of is the fact that a lot of the relationships on the show that are healthy and relatively undramatic end up getting very little screentime. This goes right along with your point about them pushing relationships so hard that they even push unhealthy relationships. Like, how often do we see Alli/Dallas? Jenna/Connor? It’s pretty rare. Why? Well, they’re not very dysfunctional or dramatic, so the show doesn’t bother to give them main plots very often. I get this from a simplistic TV point of view: drama = ratings. However, it isn’t a very good message to send, especially coming from a show that has tried to have an educational slant to it at times. If we never see the healthy couples, then all we see are the dysfunctional ones or the ones who have more fights. This is important and realistic to depict too, but it just seems almost irresponsible to never show the healthier relationships. I kind of resent the idea that healthy/happy = “boring” or whatever. I know that ultimately people tend to want to tune in to see the drama and the conflict, but there needs to be a good balance too, you know? All drama and conflict all the time gets stale after a while. 

Anyway, I very much agree with what you’re saying and I too see this as a message that the show (and plenty of other shows) has sent over the years. They make it seem like everyone dates all the time and like everyone should date all the time, even if the relationships aren’t very healthy. They make it seem like the healthy relationships are boring and not really worthy of being depicted or made relevant. I’ve always wished for them to have a few characters who just weren’t interested in dating very much…but who still got to have plenty of screentime. There’s still so much you can do with characters that isn’t related to romantic relationships. We all have a lot of different dimensions in our lives (friendships, familial relationships, school, work, clubs, hobbies, personal struggles, etc.). 

Sorry if it seems like I’m coming down really hard on the show, but this is something that has always frustrated me about it (and other shows). I have nothing against romantic relationships being depicted - they are a huge part of life for most of us, and I do enjoy some relationship storylines. I just don’t really enjoy it when they totally take over and other things are put on the back burner, especially in favor of really trite, cliche relationship storylines (how many generic love triangles do we need per season, really?). I wish that characters got to stay single for a little longer, and I wish that there were more characters who just didn’t date at all or very much but were still allowed to be relevant on the show. Relationships can be great, and they’re very much a part of life (the good AND the bad), but I don’t think that it’s good to send the message that everyone must date all the time or else they’re boring, irrelevant, weird, or whatever. Everyone has their own preferences and priorities, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with dating a lot OR with not dating at all. People shouldn’t feel forced into relationships just for the sake of it, and I think that a show like Degrassi (which, again, does aim to have an educational and realistic slant to it) does have a bit of a responsibility to balance things out a bit by having some more positive, healthy portrayals even if they aren’t as dramatic.


juniperlaurel replied to your post: “When Clare tries to walk away from Drew and Eli it looks like she may want out of the situation entirely (abortion maybe) I know its a sensitive topic and it could even open up doors to bring back her past “faith” as well your thoughts?”:

Don’t forget Drew’s family is catholic.. And i think it would be great to bring up her faith again. What would really suck if Clare wants to keep the baby then miscarries. I think this is more than who’s the daddy.

That’s a good point too - I’d forgotten about Drew’s family’s religious background! 

Yeah, it might be interesting to examine her faith once again since it hasn’t been talked about much in a while, and I do think that it’s interesting and realistic and important for there to be dialogues about people and how their relationships with their faith (or lack of faith) may change or evolve as they age and go through various life events. It’s not always a static thing, and people go through complex things which might affect their faith (or lack thereof), and I think that’s something worth exploring! Though we have gotten that quite a bit with Becky lately, so maybe that’s partly why we haven’t seen much with Clare and her faith. It would be nice if we could see other characters have these kinds of dialogues and journeys with different faiths/religions (or, again, lack thereof), though. It seems like we mostly ever get this from the Christian point of view.

It would be sad if Clare miscarried after deciding to keep the baby, but unfortunately that does happen all the time to people. :/


Anonymous said: I don't think Teennick would ever air an abortion story because of its affiliate of Nickelodeon. They do air shows with the Y rating on Teennick. They have to becareful. Plus this is why many parents lock Teennick for kids under the age 14. Abortion is still very taboo subject.

Yeah, that’s why I’m hesitant to think that they’d do an abortion episode again. Attitudes might be a bit different in Canada and maybe it’d be easier to air an abortion episode there, but they had such a hard time getting the first abortion episode aired in the U.S. and that was back when it was The-N and the climate seemed a little different/less youthful (as far as I knew, anyway). Abortion isn’t really much less taboo now than it was then (in 2004) either. This isn’t to say that the U.S. viewing is more important, but there is a decent fanbase in the U.S., so I’m sure that it’s something they consider. Then again, episodes are far more readily available online now vs. back in 2004 for people who’d potentially miss it, but I don’t know if that would actually have an effect on anything or not.

I’m not saying that it definitely wouldn’t ever happen, but I’m just not sure if they’re up for that type of controversy again or not. Of course this is all just speculation from a bored person on tumblr, though, haha - I’m definitely not privy to any behind-the-scenes knowledge or anything!


Anonymous said: When Clare tries to walk away from Drew and Eli it looks like she may want out of the situation entirely (abortion maybe) I know its a sensitive topic and it could even open up doors to bring back her past "faith" as well your thoughts?

Yeah, I can’t blame her for wanting out of the situation, especially since she’d just been so excited about her future after high school. I really don’t want to see this pregnancy storyline drag on, to be honest…

People have talked a bit about whether or not this is the time for another abortion episode. I know that people reference Clare’s nod toward abortion as an option for Alli during her pregnancy scare as proof that Clare would or will do it, and I could maybe see her going through with it, but I’m not sure if the show is up for another abortion episode or not. I mean, it’s definitely time, but on the other hand, they had so much trouble getting the first abortion episode to air in the U.S., and I’m not sure it’d be much easier now. 

I’ve talked about this a bit before, but I do think that this would be a decent opportunity for a miscarriage storyline, which is a really important topic that you don’t as often see on TV. I think it’d be great to do a miscarriage storyline since it’s something a lot of people experience and it can feel very isolating. There’s kind of a stigma on talking about it for some reason, so that can make people feel very alone. Having a media depiction might be nice in spreading a little awareness and showing a little support. I also just selfishly, again, don’t want this pregnancy storyline to drag on. I’m not interested in it at allllllll and I’m just so bored with these storylines on Degrassi, especially when they’re pulled out for the “shock” value like this one was (IMO).

I agree with you that in considering her options, Clare’s faith might once again be brought up. It used to be a very integral part of her character, and while I do think that she’s still a person with faith, it just hasn’t been quite as prominently featured with her character over the last couple of seasons. This would likely bring some of her feeling about her faith back into the forefront, which could be interesting. I mean, not all religious people are against abortion, but we can’t deny that there’s definitely a massive stigma surrounding it in a lot of circles (including religious ones). 

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure which route the show will take. Will they drag this on forever and make Clare suffer? Will they end the storyline somehow and toss the storyline aside as quickly as it started? If Clare keeps the pregnancy, will she keep the child? Will her future be compromised? Who’s the father (I can’t help but feel like it’s Drew)? I’m again not very invested in this storyline, but I guess I’m vaguely interested in seeing what they do with it. I just hope that it won’t take over Clare’s last season on the show…and I hope that they’ll give us a break from pregnancy storylines soon, haha! I hope I don’t come off as too much of a grump or anything - I’m just pretty tired of these storylines and I really didn’t want to se this for Clare. I do agree with what you said though!