zoemundtroublemaker said: Wasn't Omar a lawyer...or something? He had some deal with Bianca...helping clean his office - in relation to the Vince case. How awkward that would be. Being around an even younger version of your wife and your son is dating her/was dating her (he was with Katie at the time). On one hand, I'd think he'd be proud that his son found someone who could straighten Drew out, but on the other, the fact that Drew and Bianca weren't even together at that time probably disappointed his father.

Oh yeah, I’d totally forgotten about that — good memory! Yeah, that would have to be pretty awkward but interesting and maybe even emotional to see yourself in your kid and the choices you’re making. I guess that’s just part of being a parent, but since I’m not a parent, it’s just kind of interesting to think about!

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zoemundtroublemaker said: I think we've only seen Mr. Torres in My Body Is a Cage and also in the Degrassi Las Vegas one-hour special for the Drew/Bianca engagement party/dinner. Omar is his name? Audra and Omar with Drew and Adam. Yes, Audra is a hardcore PTA parent, holding the administration's feet to the fire (even going so far as to get into Mr. Simpson's face). Now I'm curious as to how Omar is personality-wise. Audra said she used to be like Bianca, so would that translate to Omar being her Drew...? Lol.

Yeah, I checked out the Degrassi Wiki page for him earlier and noticed that he’s only had a few appearances. I too am curious about his personality and I wonder why we see so little of him (though it’s probably just a writing choice). Hahaha yeah, I guess we could assume that Omar and Drew must have some similarities - we don’t have much else to go off of anyway!


Anonymous said: Which degrassi character do you look most like?

Hahaha, that’s really hard to say since they’re all so attractive! 

I guess if I had to pick, I’d say that I’m most like a budget/ugly version of Terri but with Ellie’s hair. :)


zoemundtroublemaker said: I apologize for continuing to bombard your inbox. I wonder where Mr. Torres is. Do Drew and Dallas take over the patriarch role in his absence? Lol. At least if Drew injures himself trying to fix something, Dallas can bail him out. Beats just having one man in the house. Not saying Audra couldn't handle it on her own, but there's just been so much going on that she would welcome the extra hands. I'd also imagine there's are days where Drew/Dallas have to make dinner since she works.

Oh no worries! It’s totally fine - I love chatting with everyone. :) 

That’s a good question - I feel like we haven’t seen Mr. Torres in forever, and we only ever have seen him a few times to begin with (that I remember, anyway). I’m sure that Audra is pretty busy…I can’t remember what she does for a loving, but she seems busy + having Drew and Dallas around and dealing with the loss of Adam is all a lot to juggle. She’s also been shown to be pretty involved with her kids’ lives (PTA, etc.), so she definitely has a lot going on!

It’s kind of fun to think about the aspects of characters’ home lives that we don’t get to see, especially since there are also some characters whose home lives we don’t get to see at all!

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zoemundtroublemaker said: I don't know how much time Becky has spent with Adam's family. Audra/Becky were only in the same room for Drianca's engagement party. I did want Becky to stay with Imogen. Imogen has her hands full with Jack. It'd cause unneeded tension if Becky needs attention for the chaos with her family. Drew never had a sister, only a brother, so Becky could be a temporary little sister. Why not just throw convention out the window - say they're related? Drew refers to Dallas as his brother already.

From what we saw, it didn’t seem like Becky was super close to Adam’s family (certainly not like Bianca was), though I’m sure that they knew more about her than we were shown, but I do think she could fit right in, even if only for a short temporary stay. Again, I’ve no idea if this would ever happen on the show or not (I mean, Becky might only be missing for a short period of time — maybe she just ran away to avoid her family for a bit, for example), but it’s definitely fun to think about the different possibilities! 

Becky could easily stay with Imogen too, yeah, but I agree that it might end up causing unnecessary tension, especially since there’s already been a little tension due to Imogen being interested in Jack and Becky worrying that Imogen is drifting from her. I’d really rather not see any more of that, to be honest!


Anonymous said: Hey there! I read up on your blog every once in a while and I saw that post about the show not portraying teacher/mentor & student relationships (platonic) well from a week ago & I think it's very important to portray and the only reason it seems they focus more on the negative is because they have to go deeper into it to portray it correctly. Like, Ms. Oh and Alli in s10 was great, simple, and a nice student/teacher dynamic -- but short lived, because it was positive. I dunno. Just my thoughts.

Hi! :)

Yeah, I think that you’re right - I think that one of the big reasons why they don’t do more positive portrayals (of, well, much of anything, haha, but specifically teacher/student platonic relationships in this situation) is because they’re more interested in the drama. This certainly isn’t unique to Degrassi by any means! Most shows (and other forms of media) seem to gravitate toward negative things because that tends to generate more drama (and then more viewers, buzz/hype, etc.).

Simple positive, happy things seem to go only so far, but I do think that these things have a place in shows like Degrassi since Degrassi aims to be realistic and it has a very young audience. It’s important to portray the negative things that are true to life, but I think that it’s also important to portray positive things every so often. I mean, I think back to the Sean/Mr. Simpson relationship from seasons past, and that had its place on the show for several seasons. It wasn’t always at the forefront of the episodes, but it was there and it was meaningful. It stood the test of time, admittedly with some drama thrown into the mix, but it was a decent relationship and it was an important one to Sean, who was lacking in mentors and healthy guardians. I’d love to see something like that again on the show!

Anyway, I definitely see your point and I imagine that it is probably a big reason why the more positive things tend to be short-lived. They don’t (or maybe can’t, even?) delve into the positive things as deeply as they do with the negative things. The positive things don’t generate as much drama and buzz, so they gravitate toward what does bring the drama. This is pretty common among shows in general, so I don’t mean to single Degrassi out or anything, but I do think that they could do a little more, you know? Instead of only having the occasional positive portrayal, they could have a few more, even if they don’t last that long. It’d still be nice to see!


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zoemundtroublemaker said: It's still kind of funny how Drew and Becky got lost in Believe (Part 1) and then Drew has to look for Becky in the episode in the finale (Thunderstruck - one hour). There's a storm going on in the same episode that she is missing. Jesus, her parents are cold. I wonder if this means Drew will find her and let her stay at his house (only has his mom + Dallas, so Becky would be like a sister he never had). AHH, FLUFFY SIBLING MOMENTS. Plus Becky could use Drew as a substitute brother figure!

Yeah, that’s a bit of a coincidence! That’s a really cute idea about Becky staying at the Torres’ house. She could really use an actually supportive family right now, and I’m sure that the Torres family would be quite warm and welcoming. They’ve shown to be that way in the past (like with Bianca for the most part), and they’re all still dealing with the loss of Adam (as is Becky, of course!), so it’d probably be a win-win. I’ve no idea if that’s in the plans at all or not, but it’s certainly a nice idea, especially since Becky has been dealing with so much lately and has felt so alone. I definitely feel sorry for her since it’s clear she loves family and has always leaned on her family for comfort and support, but she definitely isn’t getting that right now. :/ 


zoemundtroublemaker said: Ack. I meant that the summary for the finale said something about Drew looking for Becky (so it came across to me as though she went against Luke and turned him in/backed Zoe in the end and got kicked from her house as a result for not listening to her mom). These are all assumptions, but they seem plausible enough and not batshit crazy, like Becky gets kidnapped by aliens from Jupiter.

Ohhhh okay! Hahahaha yeah, those assumptions definitely do make a lot of sense and are realistic! I wouldn’t be surprised if that is how it ends up playing out. I guess we’ll only have to wait a little longer to see! :)


zoemundtroublemaker said: I think Zoe taking the pills is because she's so drained from the pressure and stuff that she doesn't think she'll win. I think she will win. That's probably why Becky gets kicked out, aside from just going against her brother in court.

Interesting predictions! I didn’t know any of that future stuff since I haven’t watched any promos or anything and usually don’t. That sounds pretty plausible…and I’m hoping that’s how it’ll go (with Zoe winning, that is)!



Remember when Spinner had arguably the worst hairdo in Degrassi history?

To this day I’m still trying to figure out what exactly they were going for with this look.

Hahahaha, who resurrected this two-year-old post of mine?!

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robotsfor-ronnie said: This is a tumblr hug. Pass this to at least 10 of your favourite tumblr followers to show how much you love them as best buddies. Make sure you don’t break the chain. Happy tumblr hugs ~! (0‿u◕0✿) (0 u 0✿) :D

Aww, thanks so much! That’s very sweet of you and I appreciate it! :D