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congrats on seeking help and being more active! i know how difficult it can be :)

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. :D


omg I’ve been so busy lately. It’s kind of bizarre to me since I’m usually a bit of a lazy nervous shut-in, but I’ve been trying to be more productive and active lately and it’s been kind of fun but also kind of overwhelming! 

I’ve been more involved with things at school in this first month of the semester than probably all of my previous years combined, which is kind of sad, but I guess it’s better to start later rather than never. I’ve really been enjoying my clubs so far, and I might join another one or two that have their first meetings this week. We’ll see!

I’m still kind of an anxious wreck and I still don’t have much of a social circle these days, but I’m a little happy with myself for at least finally trying a little bit on my own. I still have a lot of changes and progress left to make, but this feels like a good start. 

One last thing I guess I wanted to share is that I recently was tentatively diagnosed with dysthymia (a type of depression), generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder, and while none of this frankly came as a huge surprise, it was still really…validating and helpful to hear from an objective educated professional. It was just a clinical assessment and I haven’t gone in for any sort of therapy or anything long-term, but it was a good experience even though I was terrified about opening up. I would like to maybe pursue therapy someday soon, but I’m just trying to work up the courage and figure it all out!

Anyway, sorry for the long and kind of boring personal post, but I just felt like sharing a little, especially since I haven’t posted here as much lately. I imagine that I will be posting more once the show returns! :)

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4.11- 4.12 If I’m sick like they say I am, I’m gonna be managing this for the rest of my life.

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Thanks! I’ve been meaning to try six feet under. Lol I’ll have to try some other ones listed too. :D

No problem! I really hope that you’ll like Six Feet Under - it’s my favorite show of all time and I’m always recommending it to everyone, haha. :)

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what about teen reality tv… i’m thinking pretty wild and nyc prep mainly. maybe i’m the only one who thinks they are terrible and hilarious simultaneously.

Ah I haven’t really watched much teen reality TV (or much reality TV in general aside from Project Runway and ANTM), but I have heard some really funny things about Pretty Wild!


lameeesauceee said: Other shows that you recommend? (:

Sure! :)

Various teen/young adult shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, Dawson’s Creek, My So-Called Life, Freaks & Geeks, Undeclared, Teen Wolf, The LA Complex, South of Nowhere, etc.

Other shows: Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Enlightened, Mad Men, Seinfeld, Arrested Development, Veep, Mr. Show, Orange is the New Black, Orphan Black, House of Cards, Twin Peaks, Parks & Recreation, The Americans, Broad City, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Star Trek, Boardwalk Empire, Fargo, Don’t Trust the B—— in Apartment 23, Lip Service, True Detective, Sex and the City, Top of the Lake, etc.

Clearly I watch way too much TV! ;)


lameeesauceee said: Favorite season of Degrassi? (:

Ahhh it’s so hard! I think I usually go with season three when people ask me, but it’s really hard for me to pick since I feel so strongly about the first, like, five seasons (the sixth a little less so, but I still loved it). 

I loved the first season. I know it wasn’t quite as dramatic or anything, but I feel like it’s just such a great slice of junior high, early teens life for so many kids. Some of the plots were simple, some were a bit heavier. Maybe thinking about Toby and Ashley’s step-sibling relationship isn’t as exciting as other plots, but it was still very real, you know? It all felt rather authentic. The show hadn’t reached its peak or anything, but I think that it was a solid first season with a lot of memorable moments…and it had the best finale! 

The second season was even better. We got a few new characters and the show started to get a little heavier (while still maintaining some lightness and some mundane everyday aspects). “Shout and “When Doves Cry” are two of my most-loved episodes. They’re both SO good and SO well done, but obviously so sad and so hard to watch. They really covered some important topics in this season while, again, still maintaining some of that lightness. I mean, a lot of us have some truly mundane or truly silly experiences in junior high and high school! Season two had a pretty good balance. 

Then there’s season three… I don’t know, I’ve just always felt silghtly partial to this season. It probably had fewer ‘light’ moments, but they still kept some of that in so it wouldn’t feel oversaturated with drama and/or heaviness. There were soooo many good episodes in season three: “U Got the Look,” “Pride,” “Whisper to a Scream,” “Accidents Will Happen,” “Take on Me,” “Our House,” etc. A lot of characters started to really come into their own in this season and it was great to watch.

Season four was just as good, really. It started off with “Ghost in the Machine,” which was a really good episode and showed some great continuity. Paige’s story wasn’t over yet, just like real people’s stories don’t end within a few days. There was also the famous “Time Stands Still” episode which has always received a lot of well-deserved praise. Lots of people, myself included, also loved “Secret” in this season. The only thing that drags it down (IMO) is the Jay and Silent Bob stuff, hahaha. There was some good stuff in there, but to be honest I always dreaded those episodes during the “Every Episode Ever” marathons back in the day on The-N.

Season five was good too. It started to feel a little more, I don’t know, ‘mature’ by then. I remember being a little shocked by “Venus” when I was a mere 14 and watching it at the time. This season had Liberty’s pregnancy, which didn’t always receive the screentime it deserved (at least from her point of view), but it was still big and that arc had some great episodes. Then there was “The Lexicon of Love,” which was another episode I was very intrigued by when I was 14!

Anyway, I obviously didn’t mention every episode worth talking about in those seasons, but I just wanted to pick a few highlights. I guess I’m already getting quite verbose!

For me it’s between seasons two and three…and I seem to always ultimately go with season three, but again, I just feel so strongly about the first five seasons in particular. I’ve watched every episode and I’ve enjoyed things about every season up through the most recent one, but seasons 1-5 really did it for me!

But if you want to talk about more recent seasons, then seasons 10 and 12 were my favorites of the new cast. I thought that those seasons had the best balance of what was depicted. Some recent seasons have felt like they were too heavy on the relationship and love triangle drama, but seasons 10 and 12 had a lot more to offer, I think, and provided a better balance of relationship stuff + other issues, and I felt like the show sort of got back to its roots with season 12 in particular in showing some of the more everyday things that come with being a teen that maybe aren’t incredibly dramatic but are still a slice of life!


i feel good when i’m around you.

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Anonymous said: so this is gonna sound pretty insensitive but i'm just watching thunderstruck now cos i kept putting it off and when jack and imogen told drew that the greenhouse was destroyed, instead of feeling bad for becky i thought damn all that work that jake and katie put in

Haha, well, I think that an easy way to justify your lack of concern for Becky is the fact that we all just had to figure that she was going to be okay. Despite the show killing off a couple of cast members in quick succession recently, the show has never had the tendency to have a lot of deaths, so I think we could take comfort in the likelihood that Becky was okay. Also in Degrassiland, even characters who get injured to some degree usually aren’t affected by it for too long (aside from Jimmy, of course). I mean, Adam got shot and it was only mentioned once or twice ever again and he seemed not to suffer any longstanding effects from it. So even if Becky had been injured, we would probably figure that it wouldn’t be a big deal due to the way the show has typically operated over the years. 

Anyway, maybe that’s not the rationalization you were looking for, but it’s what came to mind when I was reading your message! Degrassi is all about the drama, but it’s usually not all about committing to depicting long-term effects, so I bet that a lot of us watching Degrassi kind of keep that in the back of our minds…and maybe as a result, you weren’t too worried about Becky and instead your mind wandered and went to thinking about Jake and Katie and how hard they’d worked on the greenhouse. Maybe other viewers’ minds went to thinking about Cam instead of Becky too since the greenhouse has held some different significance for different characters. I don’t think that it necessarily makes you insensitive or anything…I can’t recall for sure, but I don’t think that I was too worried about Becky either since I figured that she’d be fine!

Just breathe through it..

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I finally just finished watching The LA Complex! It was a good ending at least, but I wouldn’t mind more! Overall it was definitely an entertaining show and I found most of the characters really interesting. I had fun watching it, so thanks to everyone who’d recommended it and spoken positively about it! :)




I’ve always been able to fix things, ya know? Like my mom, and then you. My dad watched his soldiers die. He’s got post-traumatic stress disorder and I know I can’t fix that.


Anonymous said: I think I just got asked out ..HELP !! Well this is what happened I was texting this guy whom I been friends with for like years and suddenly he asked me why don't I have a boyfriend and why do I just like talk to a lot of guys but never actually date them (or do anything with them either )so I told him it doesn't make since if you're just gonna get hurt when you break up and he says not if you settle down with the right guy and I'm ready whenever you're ready ..help me pls

Yeah, it does sound like he’s interested in you and maybe has been waiting for a moment to start this kind of conversation. I have no idea how you feel about this guy or what you’re looking for right now, but ultimately, it’s something you have to decide for yourself! If you’re interested in this guy and would like to see where things go, then you could let him know that…but if you’re not interested in him and/or not interested in dating at the moment, then you should tell him that and just be honest. It’s totally okay if you’re not interested and it’s totally okay to be honest and upfront. Maybe it’ll be awkward for a little while, but hopefully he’ll take it well and you two can remain friends with no problems! 

This is definitely totally up to you since it depends on what you want and what you’re interested in. I hope that you won’t feel pressured into something that you don’t actually want. Just think about things, figure out what you want, and be honest with him. I hope that it’ll go well for you regardless of whatever you end up choosing and saying to him! Good luck!! :)


Anonymous said: Are you in college or high school? How old are you?

I’m in college (finally graduating in May) and I’m 23. :)